As part of National Water Week, Seqwater is challenging young people to come up with innovative ways of using water wisely.

To increase community awareness about water issues, Seqwater is once again inviting school students to take part in its annual Water for Life poster art competition.

The competition asks students from Prep to Year 6 to create a poster that visually communicates an idea to help protect the future of our water resources.

Some of the submissions from last year included a special vacuum cleaner that sucked up water from the floor and filtered it for drinking water as well as an iShower which used a foot recognition system to make sure users only took two, four-minute showers each day.

Seqwater Acting Chief Executive Officer Jim Pruss said it was important to get people thinking about their water supply through education and awareness.

“Through initiatives like the Water for Life poster competition, we’re prompting young people to work towards a sustainable water future,” Mr Pruss said.

“Water innovation in South East Queensland is important because we have a growing population and a climate of extremes – from floods to droughts.

“We need to be ready to adjust our water use and management when conditions change.”

Mr Pruss said the competition was open to South East Queensland schools, but he hoped it would inspire others to think about water issues such as water collection, production and conservation.

“Water can be an underappreciated resource – most people don’t think twice about it as long as the water flows when they turn on the tap,” Mr Pruss said.

“However it’s a resource that is vital to South East Queensland’s future and economic prosperity.”

Entries for the competition will be judged on how water innovation has been incorporated into the design.

Mr Pruss said he looked forward to the bright ideas young people had for improving the way they used and conserved water in their daily lives.

Submissions for the competition opened late July and will close 16 September.

The contest is split into four age divisions: Prep, Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6. Posters must be A3 in size.

Prize winners will be announced at the end of National Water Week on 24 October, with winning entries published on the Seqwater website.

National Water Week is held annually in October across Australia to increase community awareness about water issues.

For more information or to enter, email