If you have visited the Ekka, you could be forgiven for thinking the rides, showbags and strawberry sundaes were still the biggest draw cards at the show.

However more and more visitors are being drawn to the Agriculture Pavilion, where a stand run by South East Queensland bulk water supplier Seqwater is gaining a reputation for its fun and unique educational displays.

Seqwater events officer Michelle Bordignon said Seqwater was using creativity and technology to make learning about the region’s water supply an entertaining experience for Ekka visitors.

“One of the big attractions last year was our virtual reality sandpit were people could build their own 3D landscapes and then simulate rainfall,” Ms Bordignon said.

“The display became so popular that we had to set time limits for how long people could use the sandpit so everyone could have a go – including the big kids.

Due its success, Ms Bordignon said a new version of the sandpit would be back with some exciting new features to show how dams work and what happens to catchments during drought.

The new and improved augmented reality sandpit is expected to be a popular attraction at Seqwater's stand at the Ekka.

Another popular feature making its return is Seqwater’s free water refill stations.

“There’s a lot of walking to do at Ekka, so there’s always a line of people who queue to top up their water bottles and stay hydrated,” Ms Bordignon said.

“We also get a lot of people who stop by because they simply want to learn more about our region’s water supply, which is why we have brought together a mix of professionals to work at our stand from dam engineers and hydrologists to water quality experts and catchment rangers – even our CEO is doing a shift”

To add to this year’s Ekka display, Seqwater will have what Ms Bordignon described as a “high energy classroom” set-up where water educators will deliver seven-minute education sessions for visitors of all ages.

“We are also going to have a giant water bottle display to educate people on water efficiency,” Ms Bordignon said.

“It can be easy to take a safe, secure water supply for granted – but water is essential for all aspects of life, and we’re very proud of the role we play in a healthy and prosperous South East Queensland.

“We recognise the importance of getting people involved in their water supply through education which is why Seqwater delights in offering these displays at the Ekka,’’

The Seqwater stand is located at the Agriculture Pavilion, opposite the Woolworths Pavilion and under the Royal Convention Centre.

The Ekka, now in its 140th year, kicks off Friday 11 August and wraps up Sunday 20 August.

For all things Ekka, go to www.ekka.com.au

Seqwater Stats for Ekka 2016 
  • More than 100,000 people visited Seqwater’s stand at the Ekka (using people counters to record figure) 
  • Students from 105 schools visited the stand as part of the education trail. 
  • 6,414 litres of water was dispensed from Seqwater’s free water refill station.