Recreation Management Framework

To ensure a consistent approach that supports our role as the region's bulk water service provider, Seqwater has developed a Recreation Management Framework to guide future decision making in regard to recreation management.

Our objective is to manage access to recreation opportunities while protecting natural resources and water quality. The challenge we face is managing our core role of providing drinking water to a growing population, while satisfying growing community demands and expectations for access to lakes and their catchments. Achieving our objective requires a risk based approach to the management of recreation, and the cooperation and support from the community.

The Recreation Management Framework has seven key principles:

  • Minimise risks to water quality
  • Ensure environmental sustainability
  • Diversity in the range of recreation activities, locations and settings
  • Ensure all use is consistent with Seqwater’s land management practices
  • Facilitate sustainable recreation
  • Engage with external regulating agencies
  • Meet financial management outcomes

Water quality and recreation

We are the only bulk water supplier in Australia that manages open catchments, allowing the community to enjoy our water supply lakes and catchment land for recreation activities. Our challenge is to balance community access with our essential role of ensuring a high quality water supply for the region. Download the Water quality and recreation factsheet for more information.

Seqwater monitors all lakes for the presence of blue-green algae. When toxin concentration levels indicate a health risk, we may restrict lake access for primary contact (in-water) activities such as swimming, skiing and tubing, as well as issuing an advisory notice that secondary contact (on-water) activities such as boating, paddling and fishing is not advised. 

For more information about blue-green algae and how we manage recreational access: