• Talk to your local nursery about improving the soil by adding organic matter and nutrients, mulching and planting appropriate species of plants and lawn.
  • Aerate your lawn so it is ready to absorb any rain we receive.
  • Use your rainwater tank for watering the garden and topping up the pool instead of drinking water.
  • Use a hose with a trigger nozzle. Remember to turn off the hose at the tap once finished watering. Hose nozzles can be forced off under the pressure of the water supply and left running can waste 1000 litres of water per hour.
  • Regularly check, maintain and use your irrigation system.
  • Water your garden before 8am or after 4pm – out of the heat of the day when evaporation is at its highest.
  • Consider how much you need to water – many plants can tolerate less watering than you think.
  • Use a timer if using a sprinkler or irrigation system and consider reducing frequency or install a moisture sensor to reduce irrigating when it rains.
  • Select plants that can tolerate dry conditions.

For advice and tips, visit:

Swimming Pools

  • Use a pool cover.
  • Carry out regular maintenance, including checking for leaks.
  • Use rainwater to fill your pool when possible.
  • Don’t waste water when backwashing.

For more tips, visit https://www.spasa.com.au/consumer-info/water-energy-tips/water-savings/


  • Use a broom, brush, blower or rake to sweep and clean outdoor paths and paving instead of hosing them down with water.
  • Spot clean for safety, health or emergency reasons with a hose fitted with trigger nozzle or with high pressure cleaning equipment.
  • Fill a bucket, and use a sponge to remove extra stubborn marks.
  • Avoid using the hose to clean the driveway – use a broom or leaf blower.

Car Washing

  • Use a low flow/high pressure wash.
  • Wash the car on the lawn, using biodegradable cleaning chemicals, to give your grass a good watering in addition to cleaning your car.
  • Use a bucket or a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle.
  • Use a fixed automatic car wash service.
  • Try using a waterless car washing product.