North Pine Dam, which was officially opened 40 years ago today, has become the latest water storage facility in South East Queensland to celebrate a significant milestone.

The gated dam, located north of Brisbane, is one of Seqwater’s 12 key drinking water supply dams and provides water to the city of Brisbane and the districts of Pine Rivers, Redcliffe and Caboolture.

The dam was officially opened on 12 August 1976 by Brisbane mayor, Alderman Frank Sleeman. It was designed by the Department of Local Government and built at a cost of $20 million.

To mark its anniversary, Seqwater employees held a small celebration at the North Pine Water Treatment Plant today.

Seqwater Acting Chief Executive Officer Jim Pruss said a community festival had recently been staged to mark 40 years since the completion of Hinze Dam on the Gold Coast.

“Later this month we’re hosting an afternoon of opera at Enoggera Reservoir to celebrate 150 years since the water storage dam was built,” Mr Pruss said.

“We are also planning anniversary celebrations for Lake Manchester, which is marking its 100th anniversary.”

Mr Pruss said anniversaries were opportunities to look back and remember the achievements of our forebears as well as plan for the future.

“It can be easy to take a safe, secure water supply for granted, but water is essential for all aspects of life, and we’re very proud of the role we play in a healthy and prosperous South East Queensland,” Mr Pruss said.

“North Pine Dam is not only a vital source of water for South East Queensland but also a popular recreation destination.”

The water body created by the North Pine Dam is called Lake Samsonvale in recognition of the historic Samson Vale property, a substantial part of which is now inundated.

To allow for the dam’s flooding, surrounding grazing and dairy farms were compulsorily acquired and 27 kilometres of road had to be relocated and rebuilt.

“The history of South East Queensland’s water supply is a fascinating and often dramatic story as engineers and planners worked to adapt to a rapidly growing population over the decades,” Mr Pruss said.

“And the challenges continue as Seqwater plans for the next 30 years with the water security program and the Water for life community engagement process.”

North Pine Dam celebrates 40 years since it was opened this month.