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Recreation and heritage workshop

Members of the Somerset Dam Upgrade Community Reference Group (CRG) met on 22 February to discuss how the project might impact on recreation and heritage. They also considered what measures could be put in place to reduce impacts.

Source: Queensland State Archives - Rigging no. 1 tail tower, Somerset Dam - August 1947.

Recreation impacts

While the project will not affect access to recreation, construction work may impact the appeal of the area to recreation users. CRG members discussed the flow on impacts of a possible reduction in visitors from outside the area on local business, particularly in the tourism and recreation areas.

Cultural Heritage impacts

The group discussed the role of Somerset Dam in the history of the Somerset Region and for Somerset Dam village in particular. The project will significantly change the appearance of the dam wall. Machinery, including spillway gates and winches, which were built in the 1930’s and 1940’s will be removed from the wall.

Proposed measures to reduce or mitigate impacts:

  • Promote recreation at Lake Somerset during construction period
  • Construction updates should emphasise work is on the Somerset Dam wall only
  • Install signage on main road approaches from both the north and south to advise recreation at Lake Somerset is still open
  • Establish safe areas to view construction activity
  • Limit construction activity on weekends, particularly truck movements
  • Provide frequent updates to the community during construction
  • Relocate heritage items removed from the dam wall, such as gates and winches, to local parks or other areas where they can be displayed
  • Engage a local bus company to transport construction workers from nearby towns to the dam wall during construction period
  • Legacy project idea: Create a heritage trail from the campground in Somerset Dam village to the old flying fox tower above the dam wall
  • Display heritage items along the trail. Install signage describing the items and other local heritage stories, including from the traditional owners.

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