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The Reality of Not Relying on the Rain

Summer 2019-2020 was a demonstration of you can't always count on the rain to fall where and when you need it.

Our Water Grid dam levels dropped to 55% in January before some rain saw them climb to 67%.

However, the rain mainly fell on our coastal dams, which are generally smaller and make up less than 50% of the total contribution to the Water Grid. 

Wivenhoe Dam, our largest storage contributing more than 50% to the Water Grid, want from the low 40s and squeaked over 50% full but if the warm and dry Autumn forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology eventuates, these levels could slide back quickly.

So we're asking communities to keep up their water wise behaviours and use water wisely, while we use the Water Grid to move water around the region and take pressure off the dams that didn't receive as much rainfall as the dams on the coast.

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