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What is Realities of Rain?

We're starting a conversation with South East Queensland communities, about what we do when we can't always count on the rain.

It’s been fairly dry over summer, and our lawns and plants are starting to feel the pinch.

You can count on it to rain when you don’t want it to: there’s wedding day rain, long weekend rain and school holiday rain! What you can't count on is rain when we need it, where we need it.

So Seqwater is planning for those times we can't count on the rain, and we want you to be involved.

How? There's four simple things you can do to become involved:

  • Register for Realities of Rain e-news
  • Book a realities of rain presentation - we're happy to come and talk to you
  • Take the Water Knowledge survey - you can find it on the tab next to Water Wise News.
  • Be water wise - while there are no conservation measures or water restrictions currently in place, there are some simple things we can do to be more water efficient around the home, school and work. Check out the Videos for our top two water saving tips!
  • Start a conversation with your kids, family and friends about water in your community. Do you know where your water comes from? How is it treated?

We'll be talking to communities in the Scenic Rim, Gold Coast and Logan from now until Easter about what they want their water future to look like.

Any questions?

For all media enquiries, please contact a member of our media team by phone or email:

07 3247 3000

[email protected]

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