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Minor releases from North Pine Dam have ceased this afternoon

Seqwater commenced minor releases from North Pine Dam today due to recent rainfall in the catchment.

Releases are expected to cease from 3.30pm this afternoon.

Flows from Sideling Creek Dam into the North Pine River overnight resulted in the closure of Youngs Crossing Road. These flows are expected to impact Youngs Crossing Road until later this evening.

Seqwater has been liaising with Moreton Bay Regional Council which is responsible for the management of Youngs Crossing Road.

For information and updates about road and crossing closures contact Moreton Bay Regional Council on www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au or qld.traffic.qld.gov.au

Weather warnings and river heights are available from the Bureau of Meteorology website at www.bom.gov.au.

To register for Seqwater’s free dam release notifications go to www.seqwater.com.au .

The planned releases will return the dam to its new Reduced Full Supply Level (RFSL) of 68% capacity.

Please note:
Seqwater, in consultation with the Queensland Dam Safety Regulator, enacted a new Reduced Full Supply Level (RFSL) for North Pine Dam in late 2019 as part of its Dam Improvement Program. The lowering of dams is recognised as a precautionary, safe and appropriate approach to manage dams requiring upgrades. This new level will remain in place until dam improvement work is completed. Planning for the North Pine dam upgrade is underway and Seqwater expects to finalise the timing of the upgrade over 2020

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