Irrigators living downstream of Wivenhoe Dam will be able to receive specific information about dam releases as part of an improved service provided by Seqwater.

Seqwater has expanded its dam release notification service to assist Mid Brisbane River irrigators better prepare for major weather events.

The free dam release notification service, which was launched in 2013, allows South East Queenslanders to sign up to receive information about flood water releases from Seqwater dams via email, text message or recorded messages on the phone.

Seqwater spokesman Mike Foster said the new subscription offering – called the Mid Brisbane River Irrigators group – would help irrigators protect their infrastructure, such as pumps, from potential inundation.

“Subscribers will be alerted at least 24 hours before potential flood releases start, with notifications based on rainfall forecasts issued from the Bureau of Meteorology,” Mr Foster said.

“The notifications will be updated daily until the flood releases commence or the threat of flood-producing rain is no longer current.

“Once it becomes apparent that flood releases from Wivenhoe Dam will be necessary, the service aims to give irrigators at least six hours’ notice before any water is released.”

The notifications will provide information in relation to the impacts of flood water on bridges and crossings downstream of Wivenhoe Dam and to any flood warnings issued from the BoM.

“By providing the earliest possible indication of flood releases from Wivenhoe Dam, we hope this service will help irrigators in making well-considered decisions to prevent potential damage to their infrastructure,” Mr Foster said.

To receive the notifications:

  •  You must sign up through Seqwater’s website to the dam release notification service and select the Mid Brisbane River Irrigators group - go to
  •  If you are an existing subscriber, you will need to add the new group to your subscription and you can do this through our website - Click on the ‘Change subscription form’ link.
  •  If you would like assistance in subscribing to, or changing your subscription of, Seqwater’s dam release notification service, please contact 1800 077 005 or
  •  Alternatively, you can receive the Mid Brisbane River Irrigators notifications by downloading Seqwater’s new app, available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.