Construction of a water quality management facility at the Aspley Reservoir site will improve the reliability of our bulk water infrastructure and our ability to respond during times of extreme weather.

From July 2017, Seqwater contractors will begin a 12 month program of work at the Aspley Reservoir to modify underground pipelines and building a new water quality maintenance facility to boost the disinfection of treated water travelling from Brisbane.

What to expect

  • The project involves earthworks, cutting and welding, laying concrete, constructing a 170m2 steel framed building and chemical storage bund, installing new water quality instrumentation and lighting, as well as laying new underground water pipes and valves.
  • There will be an increase in construction noise, dust and traffic, as well as temporary changes to public access in the area. 
  • Cranes, excavators, drilling machinery, trucks and utility vehicles will be on site during construction, with trucks accessing the site regularly for deliveries. 
  • A temporary site office will be established within the reservoir grounds.

Please look out for signage, follow the instructions of our workers and do not pass any barricades we have erected for your safety. 

To find out more contact or call 1800 901 570