As a part of our commitment to improving biodiversity in our catchments, Seqwater is working with Energex to investigate design options for a biopassage at Gympie Weir. These options are being investigated to improve connectivity of habitat for aquatic species in the Mary River.

Investigations will involve Seqwater and its contractors conducting a geomorphic assessment along the Mary River near the weir – approximately 10km upstream and downstream of the weir site. The work will involve contractors walking the banks of the Mary River, and is expected to take approximately three days, subject to weather and conditions of the riverbank.

The assessment will be conducted between 7am to 7pm from Wednesday 14 January 2015 to Friday 16 January 2015. Any changes to this program will be posted on our website.

If you would like more information about this work, please phone 1800 771 497 or email

Thank you for your assistance and patience as we undertake this essential work.