Be DAM smart this Easter

Holiday-makers and day-trippers are being urged to be ‘DAM smart’ on and around South East Queensland dams over the Easter and Anzac Day period.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Peter Scott said Seqwater will work with the Queensland Police Service to conduct patrols around the region’s major dams to enforce safe and responsible behaviour on and off the water.

Mr Scott said Easter is traditionally one of the biggest camping weekends of the year and more people are likely to take advantage of Seqwater’s lakeside recreation areas.

“We are expecting around 150,000 people to visit and vacation at recreation areas across Seqwater dams over the Easter holiday break,” Mr Scott said.

“If the weather holds, this number may reach 200,000 visitors by the following Anzac Day long weekend.”

Seqwater’s dam safety campaign is designed to educate people to ‘rethink’ their behaviour and urges people to ‘Be DAM Smart’ when visiting lakes and recreation areas to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe day. 

“The majority of visitors are very well behaved and make the most of the facilities; however even a small amount of dangerous and inappropriate behaviour affects everyone.

“We’re asking people to take care, be aware and be considerate of their fellow visitors.”

In particular, Seqwater asks visitors to:

  • always watch children
  • keep to speed limits on and off the water
  • keep a safe distance from paddlers and swimmers when boating or jet skiing
  • don’t drink and drive your car or boat
  • respect other visitors and be mindful of noise and other nuisances
  • follow all instructions given by Seqwater Rangers, staff and Police. 

Warren Frances, Officer in Charge Water Police Brisbane, said police would be targeting anti-social behaviour, including drink-driving both on land and water.  

“This is not about stopping people enjoying themselves and having fun, it is about ensuring people act responsibly and consider the safety and comfort of others,” Officer in Charge Frances said. 

Seqwater Rangers and Queensland Police will be monitoring:

  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • boaties and jet skiers keeping their distance from swimmers and paddlers – 30 metres for boats and 60 metres for jet skis
  • people speeding in designated six-knot zones
  • people swimming in non-designated areas
  • boat registrations.

Seqwater advises visitors to check the Recreation and Safety notices at before visiting lakes and recreation areas to ensure they have the latest information on conditions and closures. 

Seqwater recreation areas are open from 6am to 6pm, seven days a week.

New level for Bill Gunn Dam

Seqwater is set to embark on the next phase of its Dam Improvement Program across South East Queensland, with Bill Gunn Dam (Lake Dyer) west of Laidley to be lowered. 

Acting Chief Executive Officer Peter Scott said the program was about ensuring the region’s dams continued to meet the latest standards.

Mr Scott said like all dam owners across Australia, Seqwater was required to meet the guidelines issued by the Australian National Committee on Large Dams (ANCOLD).

“Seqwater will establish a new temporary Full Supply Level for Bill Gunn Dam, approximately 90% of the dam’s capacity.”

Mr Scott said Bill Gunn Dam supplies water to farmers in the Central Lockyer irrigation scheme. 

“Bill Gunn Dam currently at 79% capacity and is regularly below 90% so the change will not have a major impact on irrigation supplies.

“For the same reason, the change will not impact existing recreation uses or constrain options proposed as part of Seqwater’s recreation review. 

The dam is filled by diverted flows from Laidley Creek. To maintain the new temporary Full Supply Level, Seqwater will stop diverting water to the dam if it reaches 90%. 

“Seqwater has written to irrigators in the Central Lockyer Water Supply Scheme to outline the plans for Bill Gunn Dam. Information about the program at Bill Gunn and other dams is also available on the Seqwater website.”

Mr Scott said the region’s dams were essential public assets, providing drinking water and flood mitigation to communities and irrigation water to farmers, as well as recreation facilities. 

“Bill Gunn is just one of a number of dams being lowered or upgraded. We’ve already lowered Cooloolabin and Nindooinbah dams and an upgrade of Maroon Dam is underway, with works scheduled to start at Moogerah Dam in June.

“The Dam Improvement Program has been prioritised to ensure a staged and well planned program of works, which ensures security of water supply at the best value for money,’’ he said.

The community can keep up-to-date with the Program on the Seqwater website or subscribe to e-updates to receive latest updates by email. For more information visit, or contact Seqwater at or on 1800 771 497.

Recreation opportunities to grow around Scenic Rim

People will be able to enjoy more recreational opportunities in and around the Scenic Rim’s lakes with the state government today releasing plans for upgraded facilities, better access, new opportunities and improved safety.

The planned improvements at lakes Maroon, Moogerah and Wyaralong would open up even more tourism opportunities in the Scenic Rim.

The new recreation guides for the Scenic Rim lakes were developed in collaboration with the local community as part of Seqwater’s recreation review which has been the most extensive ever undertaken in South East Queensland. The recreation guides are available on the Seqwater website.

Based on feedback received during consultation with the community and special interest groups, key recreation changes will include:

  • Upgrading picnic facilities at all three lakes, including the installation of picnic shelters at Lake Wyaralong
  • Upgrading Lilybrook recreation area at Wyaralong to provide more camping facilities
  • Investigating new launch points for both Lake Maroon and Lake Moogerah
  • Introducing six-knot speed zones in the southern arms of Lake Moogerah to ensure that all visitors can safely enjoy the lake.

Seqwater is working with the local rowing club and Rowing Queensland to develop a world class rowing venue at Lake Wyaralong. If established, Lake Wyaralong would become the main rowing centre for South East Queensland and feature a buoyed course for training and events..

Rowing Queensland chief executive Ross Symonds said RQI was working closely with the newly formed Wyaralong Rowing Club to establish a permanent base at Lake Wyaralong.

Wyaralong Rowing Club president Graham Porter said the dam was a superb location for water sports and it was pleasing that recreational use of the dam gives particular emphasis to rowing.

Seqwater will also work with local horse riding and mountain biking clubs to continue to improve trail facilities at Wyaralong and a new car park will make access to the mountain bike trails easier.

Lake Kurwongbah to be opened to paddlers

Paddle craft will now be able to use Lake Kurwongbah for recreation and fishing, while new multi-use trails would be established at Lake Samsonvale (North Pine Dam) in the Pine Rivers region, under new guidelines issued today.

Hundreds of people will be able to take advantage of the greater recreational and tourism opportunities, delivering on key election promises.

The feedback from the community through the recreation review showed people wanted more trails and access for paddling so they could get out and experience the great outdoors.

In response to feedback, Lake Kurwongbah will be opened to paddle craft once a launch point has been established at Mick Hanfling Park.

The change will give fishers greater access to the lake as they will now be able to fish from paddle craft, as well as from the shoreline at the recreation areas.

Wash down facilities for canoes and kayaks will also be established to help prevent the spread of aquatic weeds.

Boating access to Lake Samsonvale will remain unchanged while Seqwater undertakes a comprehensive 12-month study to determine the impacts of increased on-water recreation activities on water quality, given the dam’s significance as a drinking water source for the region.

Seqwater aim to provide the community with the greatest recreation opportunities possible but must balance recreation with water quality requirements and long-term dam management.

The opening up of Lake Kurwongbah to the community for kayaking and canoeing means water skiing will no longer be permitted on the lake.

Members of the Lake Kurwongbah Water Ski Zone club will be provided with free boat permits for three years to use Lake Somerset. 

The recreation guides for Lakes Samsonvale and Kurwongbah can be found at 

Recreation update 

Lake Borumba open to some water-based recreation activities

Lake Borumba is partially open to water-based recreation activities. Fishing and use of paddle craft are permitted; however, the lake remains closed to primary contact activities such as swimming and water skiing due to the levels of blue-green algae.

For further information please see the Seqwater blue-green algae fact sheet.

Seqwater will continue to monitor water quality and the lake will be re-opened to primary activities when it is appropriate to do so. 

Lake Baroon remains temporarily closed to water-based activity

As a precautionary measure and in the interest of public safety, Lake Baroon remains temporarily closed to all water-based recreation activities due to the presence of blue-green algae.

For further information please see the Seqwater blue-green algae fact sheet.

Seqwater will continue to perform water quality testing and the lake will be re-opened to water-based recreation activities when test results indicate that it is appropriate to do so. 

SEQ dam levels

The current drinking water supply capacity of the Grid Twelve is 92%, up 0.2% from last week. The Grid Twelve makes up nearly 90% of South East Queensland’s total water storage volume. See below for further breakdowns:


Current drinking water volume

Change in volume on last week (%)

(mm past seven days)*




1,077,502 ML


0.4% #

18 mm


381,536 ML


No change

40 mm

North Pine

168,213 ML


0.2% $

15 mm


295,069 ML


0.1% $

8 mm

Baroon Pocket

45,472 ML


1.3% #

70 mm

Leslie Harrison

19,646 ML


0.2% $

8 mm

Ewen Maddock

16,744 ML


1.8% #

47 mm


7,333 ML


2.1% #

85 mm

Lake Kurwongbah

11,611 ML


0.2% $

15 mm

Lake Macdonald

8,365 ML


11.0% #

164 mm

Little Nerang

6,586 ML

98.2 99.4%

1.2% #

8 mm


4,730 ML


0.7% #

85 mm

 *Rainfall information is sourced from Bureau of Meteorology. Please note that some rainfall measures represent a combined total from a number of dams in a particular area.

The current flood storage capacity:


Current flood storage volume

Available storage


1,967,000 ML



721,000 ML


SEQ water consumption figures

Please note there are no consumption figures available this week.