Seqwater has repaired scouring and erosion at the toe of Borumba Dam in readiness for the summer months.

The repairs were required as a result of damage caused by the January 2011 floods.

The toe, made of rock, sits in front of the dam wall and almost 3,600 tonnes of rock was brought in to provide extra protection against erosion. Being so close to the waterway, Seqwater commissioned an environmental study before starting the works to ensure any possible impacts were minimised. 

The January 2011 flood waters also deposited around 12,000 tonnes of gravel in the outlet channel downstream of the dam spillway. The gravel has been cleared to improve outflows from the dam.

The remediation works began in May after the wet season to reduce the risk of outflows over the ungated spillway during construction. The timing of the project also allowed for the works to be finished before the Christmas holidays so there would be no impact on the popular camping spot downstream of the dam.

Despite several construction days lost to wet weather and challenges experienced while moving water from one section of the plunge pool to another to allow for access, the works were completed in less than five months. 

While every effort was made by the Seqwater project team and the contractor to reduce noise and disruption as a result of the works, Seqwater appreciates and thanks those using the camping facilities downstream for their patience and understanding during this project. 

The Borumba Dam project is part of an extensive program of works Seqwater is undertaking to prepare for the 2013-14 wet season.

Repair works nearing completion Borumba Dam after repair works were completed