Industry and community groups

Business and industry

  • Conduct a water audit to help you identify unexpected patterns such as leaks or faulty fixtures and where you can save water.
  • Fix any outside leaks and/or dripping taps and showers.
  • Test your irrigation systems to ensure they are operating efficiently.

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Community groups and body corporate

  • Monitor and record your water use in the pool and how to minimise waste resulting from backwashing.
  • Consider if there are opportunities to use a pool cover when the pool is not in use.
  • Consider installing a rainwater tank in the common area to wash your cars, water your garden and/or landscape and replace garden beds with drought resistant plants and foliage.
  • Erect signs in the ‘common areas’ to remind everyone not to waste water.

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Outdoor sports fields

We understand to maintain sports fields for safe play, they require water. But a few simple tips can help reduce the amount of water required and avoid water wasting when watering sports fields:

  • use deep and infrequent applications of water (watering to field capacity)
  • minimise light frequent hand watering
  • know your irrigation system and how much it applies.