Lake Samsonvale is set to be opened for public recreation and public paddling access on Lake Kurwongbah will be permitted seven days a week following a landmark water quality assessment by Seqwater.

Minister for Water Supply, Mark Bailey said the Australian-first study had shown Lake Samsonvale is able to cope with the introduction of public paddlecraft in addition to the existing Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association and Pine Rivers Fish Management Association, without impacting on drinking water quality.

“Lake Samsonvale is a major drinking water supply for South East Queensland," Mr Bailey said. "The assessment shows that we are able to introduce new recreation on the lake while maintaining a safe, secure and reliable drinking water supply,” 

Paddle craft access will be allowed on sections of Lake Samsonvale in the future, once a thorough consultation and option analysis is completed.

“The water quality assessment has also allowed Seqwater to revise current recreation on Lake Kurwongbah to allow the public paddling access on the lake seven days a week. 

“The Local MPs should be congratulated for their strong advocacy for this study. This is a great outcome for the local community and will have positive impacts on tourism.

“The vast majority of our dams are open to recreation and improving recreation opportunities is an important part of our commitment to South East Queensland, but we need to ensure any additional recreation does not put our drinking water supply at risk.” 

Member for Kallangur, Shane King said allowing public access on Lake Kurwongbah seven days a week will provide much more flexibility for those who paddling, rowing and skiing. 

“Seqwater is currently working with recreation users of the lake to finalise the timing of increasing access,” Mr King said. 

“The study took almost two years to complete and is the most extensive of its type ever undertaken.”

“I’m also pleased to announce that Lake Kurwongbah dam wall will be upgraded. 

“Upgrading the dam wall at Lake Kurwongbah will allow the lake to return to its normal full supply level. The dam has been lowered since 2014 to allow upgrade assessments to be undertaken.

“Seqwater will complete detailed design of the upgrade over 2017, with construction to start in 2018 and take around 12 months to complete.” 

Lake Kurwongbah

Member for Pine Rivers, Nikki Boyd said to date, the community had been required to join the existing water sports club or fish management association to gain access to Lake Samsonvale. 

“This allows public access for the first time which is fantastic for the local community,” Ms Boyd said. 

“Seqwater will now assess potential recreation sites and undertake the required planning over the coming months to establish a new paddle craft launch area for Lake Samsonvale. 

“The water quality assessment has allowed Seqwater to deliver on one of the key outcomes of the recreation review of SEQ lakes undertaken over 2012-2014.”

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