Seqwater has been busy protecting our region’s water supply and environment ahead of fire season, with 38 prescribed burns carried out since autumn.

Each year, the bulk water authority undertakes a carefully planned program of controlled burns on Seqwater-owned land to reduce the risk of wild fires and protect communities and the environment.

Seqwater Catchment Services Manager Robert Drury said the authority had been working with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Rural Fire brigades and other agencies – as well as its many neighbours - to carry out burns across more than 2592 hectares of land.

“As a large land holder in South East Queensland, Seqwater is committed to proactive fire management across our catchments,” Mr Drury said.

“Prescribed burns are an effective way of reducing fuel loads and mitigating bushfire risk to Seqwater-owned land and neighbouring properties.

“Each burn we carry out means we are better prepared for the possible wildfire season. 

In addition to fire prevention, Mr Drury said the planned burns assisted ecological management by allowing natural regeneration of native vegetation and mitigated risk to water quality from potential impacts of high intensity wildfires.

“The program of targeted burns across the region ranges from small, asset protection zone burns to large biodiversity burns that cover hundreds of hectares of land,” Mr Drury said.

Favourable weather conditions allowed Seqwater to conduct hazard reduction burns at Lake Somerset, Lake Wivenhoe, Lake Samsonvale, Hinze Dam and Wyaralong Dam.

“Low winds, mild temperatures and favourable relative humidity make it possible for us to conduct burns safely,” Mr Drury said.

“The safety of the community, attending staff and the environment is of primary importance in planning controlled burns.

If the conditions are not suitable, the burn is postponed until a more favourable time.”

Mr Drury said every effort was made to minimise the impact of each burn on local residents.

During the planned burn period, recreation and safety notices are posted on the Seqwater website, which include notifications of upcoming planned burns.

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