Seqwater is partnering with an alternative learning centre in Brisbane to strengthen a program of educational activities at local waterways.

The Albert Park Flexi School, located in Milton, provides an alternative form of senior-school education to disadvantaged young people who have – for various reasons – been marginalised from mainstream education.

The extra support provided though the school’s alternative learning programs help young people develop skills and achieve educational and academic goals.

The school was one of 12 not-for-profit organisations across South East Queensland sharing in $86,000 of funding through Seqwater’s Water for life community grants program this year.

The annual grants program provides funding to improve community education and involvement with water.

Acting Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Jim Pruss said the program supported the bulk water authority’s commitment to water for life.

“For us, ‘water for life’ is more than just delivering a safe, secure and reliable water supply – it’s also about creating partnerships to build a sustainable water future.”

Albert Park Flexi School youth worker Robert Topping said the school used the $5000 they received to enhance a program of educational activities on various local waterways.

“The initiative introduces at risk and complex young people to our waterways and natural environments though a trauma-informed adventure therapy program that is focused on canoeing,” Mr Topping said.

“We used the grant money to facilitate access to Seqwater’s Enoggera Dam for introductory canoeing courses and to pay for educational activities on various local waterways.”

“Canoeing offers young people the opportunity to experience authentic risk and adventure in a safe and supported setting,” Mr Topping said.

“It also connects students to the environments they live in and in this case, gain a better understanding of where water in the tap comes from and how the resource is managed.”

During spring and summer, groups of Albert Park Flexi School students will be taken on fortnightly canoeing trips to develop skills and experimental learning outcomes while on the water.