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Lake Wivenhoe - Spillway Lookout re-opened

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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 July, 2022 - 11:54

A man and a woman lean on a silver railing overlooking the Wivenhoe Dam gates

The Spillway Lookout at Lake Wivenhoe has been re-opened to public access. Public toilets at Spilway Lookout are currently out of order and visitors are requested to use the amenities at nearby Cormorant Bay Day Use Area.

Visitors are reminded that fishing is prohibited in the vicinity of the spillway at all times.

Atkinsons Crossing sustained considerable damage as a result of the last weather event and remains closed. As the area will require significant restoration works, the paddle craft launch point will be closed for a substantial period of time.

For your safety please follow all staff directions and signage on site.