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Lake Somerset - Stop Off Point

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Last Updated: Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 12:05

A sign at the Somerset stop off point describing permitted activities

A designated stop off point has been established at Lake Somerset to enable visitors to take a break when they are out on the water.

The stop off point can be used by boats, personal watercraft and paddle craft, and is located north of the Spit. The stop off point is only accessible from the water. The area has a toilet and is for day use only. No overnight camping is permitted.

The stop off point is designed to provide a convenient and safe area for visitors to pull off the water and take a break.

Signage has been installed at the stop off point, along with a buoy on the water to direct visitors to the area.

Check out the Lake Somerset Recreation Guide for more information. 

Seqwater is committed to balancing the requirements of providing the region’s bulk drinking water while offering some of the region’s most enjoyable and diverse recreation experiences.

Play it safe

Still water can still be dangerous. Be prepared for your activity with appropriate equipment and safety gear such as life jackets. Only swim in designated swimming areas at lakes where it is permitted.

Seqwater rangers and compliance officers regularly patrol our recreation areas but they can’t be everywhere to help you.

While your safety is important to us, it is your responsibility to play it safe when at Seqwater’s recreation areas and be mindful of others.