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Lake Moogerah: Boat safety - be aware of submerged hazards

Notice Severity

Affected Locations:

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 16:38

Due to low water levels at Lake Moogerah, a heavily treed area has been exposed in the southern end of the lake.

The area has been marked with a buoy line, and all boaties are advised to advised to play it safe and exercise caution when navigating this area. Watch for submerged hazards including debris and natural hazards. These conditions may not be suitable for all watercraft activities.

Additionally, there is also a shallow water hazard not far from the AG Muller Park North boat ramp. This area has also been marked with a buoy line, and all users are advised to exercise caution.

Stay alert and follow the direction of onsite signage and staff. If unsure, slow down.

Map of low water hazards at Lake Moogerah 2019