Creating a safe work environment for our employees is a priority for our organisation. We aim for a safety culture where all employees are responsible for safety and are empowered to make safer decisions. We recognise that our employees’ health and safety extends beyond the workplace and work to support our employees’ overall health and wellbeing.

Our commitment to safety involves:

  • creating a positive workplace health and safety culture and providing positive behavioural programs
  • providing information, training, instruction or supervision to enable employees to conduct activities in a safe manner
  • creating an environment of continual improvement where health and safety risks are eliminated, where possible, or the risk is minimised
  • providing safety leadership and promoting personal responsibility of every individual for their own and other’s health and safety
  • supporting actions aimed at increasing employee safety and wellbeing outside of work hours.

These commitments are set out in our Work Health and Safety Policy Statement.

Seqwater’s certified Work Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) framework outlines our management of Work Health and Safety (WHS). It provides a platform for managing WHS by establishing a structure for systematic identification, evaluation and control of WHS hazards and risks in the workplace.

WHS Management should be considered in the context of our risk management and quality management systems.

Implementation of effective WHS management actions will contribute to ensuring the health and safety of all Seqwater employees. Seqwater has adopted a methodical approach to managing WHS and will continue to develop a WHSMS within the context of:

  • employees views on health and safety matters
  • legislative requirements
  • Seqwater’s business operations
  • a framework of continual improvement.
Our commitment to safety