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The disclosure log below provides details of released documents that are available to the public.

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Disclosure log

The disclosure log shows information released under the Right to Information Act 2009 that is considered to be of significant interest to the wider public. Under the Act, information of a sensitive nature, for example personal details and/or information considered commercial in confidence, is removed from the documents prior to their release.

This log contains information for Seqwater from 4 July 2011 onwards.

Please note for the period of July 2011 to September 2011, certain RTI decisions relating to Seqwater were made by Queensland Treasury. Those decisions can be accessed here and documents can be obtained by Queensland Treasury.

Release date Reference Title Information requested Summary of documents released
4/7/2011 HAI190 Fluoride Documentation that show how many tonnes of Sodium Fluoride and Sodium Siliocofluoride that Seqwater has purchased for use in SEQ water supplies since January 2008 until the end of May 2011.  Record of purchases of Sodium Fluoride and Sodium Siliocofluoride for the relevant period.
1/8/2011 SEQ001/11 Fluoride All ‘independent analysis’ results of the fluoride chemicals used by Seqwater since fluoridation started in SEQ in late 2008 until the 30 June 2011. Sample tests and certificates of conformance. 
3/10/2011 SEQ003/11 Fluoride Seqwater’s total combined maintenance and operating costs of Seqwater’s fluoridation plants from when fluoridation started in SEQ in late 2008 until the end of June 2011. Spreadsheet summary for Combined Operations and Maintenance costs for fluoridation plants.
14/5/2012 SEQ005/12 Flood event 2011 Any records of staff being required to be on call for the period 6 to 15 January 2011 relating to the operational management of Wivenhoe Dam and/or Somerset Dam including any record of action. Relevant directives, emails, event log, operating log and rosters.
30/7/2012 SEQ006/12 Flood event 2011 Documents concerning the January 2011 flood event and Wivenhoe/Somerset Dams including memos, emails and technical data Reports, plans, log readings and emails etc.
18/6/2012 SEQ007/12 Cost of contractors

Details of contract payments made to outside contractors by Seqwater for the financial year 2010/11.

Spreadsheet for relevant period.
21/8/2012 SEQ008/12 Flood event 2011

Documents providing technical data concerning Wivenhoe/Somerset Dam, inflows/outflows, gauge reading data and Data Books for Dams.

Gauge station readings and data books.
29/10/2012 SEQ009-12 Fluoridation Extracts of SEQWater's main Drinking Water Quality Management Plan  DWQPM reports and extracts
21/11/2012 SEQ010-12 Flood event data

All and any Flood Event Reports from Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams dated between 1 June 2011 – 30 June 2012.

As-built plans representing the structure (level and dimensions) for weirs as at December 2010.

Reports and weir plans
31/01/13 SEQ011-12 Flood event

Documents recording the hourly inflows into the Wivenhoe Dam from 1 November 2010 to 31 December 2010:
(ii) Documents recording the hourly inflows into the Somerset Dam from 1 November 2010 to 31 December 2010 on an hourly basis.
(iii) Documents recording the hourly outflows from the Wivenhoe Dam from 1 November 2010 to 31 December 2010.
(iv) Documents recording the hourly outflows from the Somerset Dam from 1 November 2010 to 31 December 2010.
(v) Documents recording the lake level within the Somerset Dam from 1 November 2010 to 31 December 2010 on an hourly basis.

Hydrographic inflows/outflows for Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams for relevant period.

Hourly Wivenhoe and Somerset Dam levels for relevant period.

Wivenhoe and Somerset Dam levels for relevant period.

21/03/13 SEQ014-13 Flood event 2011 Documents showing inflows/ outflows for Wivenhoe and Somerset Dam 31 Dec 2010 to 2 Jan 2011. Hydrographs and gauge readings for period
10/04/13 SEQ015-13 Mt Crosby Treatment Plant Communication referring seriousness of the water contamination threat at the Mt Crosby plant between 27 Jan and 2 Feb 2013. Emails and situation reports
12/04/13 SEQ016-13 Splityard Creek

All documents and written communications between 1 December 2010 and 15 January 2011 relating to the following:
(i) documents recording the volume of water released from Splityard Creek Dam to Lake Wivenhoe through hydropower facilities on an hourly basis.
(ii) documents recording the volume of water pumped from Lake Wivenhoe to Splityard Creek Dam on an hourly basis.
(iii) any documents recording communications between staff at the Flood Operations Centre and the operators of the Splityard Creek Dam hydroelectric power station.

Statements and emails
08/05/13 SEQ017-13 Dam maintenance A list of all reactive works and priority one jobs which are the emergency repairs, which includes what works were actually carried out and total costs for all repairs, for the period June 2009 to January 2013. Dam reactive works report
12/06/13 SEQ018-13 Flood events

1) The Flood Event Report relating to the mobilisation of the Flood Operations Centre on or around 25 January 2013.
2) The Flood Event Report relating to the mobilisation of the Flood Operations Centre on or around 19 February 2013.
3) All data inputs and outputs relating to the real time flood monitoring system available for use by Seqwater staff and personnel at the Flood Operations Centre between 1 December 2010 and 31 January 2011 for flood monitoring and forecasting purposes, including but not limited to:
   a) Data capture model (FLOOD-Col)
   b) Data analysis model (FLOOD-Ops)
   c) Gate Operations spreadsheet.

Reports, Flood Data Logs and Operations Spreadsheets
27/06/13 SEQ021-13 Flood events report March 2010 Final Report Flood Events at Wivenhoe Somerset and North Pine Dams for February and March 2010 by Robert Ayre of Sunwater prepared for Seqwater. Report
16/08/13 SEQ023-13 Programs and Services

(a) All extensions to the Seqwater-SunWater Service Level Agreement in the period 1 June 2010 to 1 February 2011.
(b) All interim programs, revised programs, statement of current programs and amendments to programs submitted to the Department of Environment and Resource Management for approval under s13 of the Moreton Resource Operations Plan in 2010.
(c) All documents regarding approval of the programs mentioned in (b) above.
(d) All documents relating to the employment responsibilities of dam operators, flood engineers, flood management staff and subcontractors applicable during the January 2011 Flood Event.
(e) All documents relating to arrangements between the Department of Environment and Resource Management and Sunwater in relation to the employment of flood engineers, dam operators, flood management staff and subcontractors in the period 1 June 2010 - 1 February 2011.
(f) All documents relating to arrangements between Seqwater and Sunwater in relation to the employment of flood engineers, dam operators, flood management staff and subcontractors in the period 1 June 2010 - 1 February 2011.

Extensions to the Seqwater-Sunwater Service Level Agreements, SLA to Gauging Station Services, correspondence with Local Government including Emergency Action Plans, reports, System Leakage Management Plan.
21/08/13 SEQ026-23 Water Supply Agreement

The Water Supply Agreement between Seqwater and Toowoomba Shire Council – Qld.

Date range 1 June 2006 to 26 July 2013.

Toowoomba Regional Council Agreement 2013.
9/01/2014 SEQ029-13 Fluoride chemicals

Documents that provide an overview display of Grid connected WTPs showing all Local Government agency and retailer areas.

Documents that show details of all companies that Seqwater purchases its fluoride chemicals for use in the WTPs.

Overview map showing the Treated Water Supply System including the location of Water Treatment Plants (WTP).



Lake Manchester Dam

24-hour Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts provided by the Bureau of Meteorology to Seqwater between 1 December 2010 and 31 January 2011, inclusive.

Documents recording the volume of inflows into Lake Manchester Dam between 1 December 2010 and 31 January 2011, inclusive.

Documents recording the volume of outflows from Lake Manchester Dam between 1 December 2010 and 31 January 2011, inclusive.

Documents recording the lake levels within Lake Manchester Dam between 1 December2010 and 31 January 2011, inclusive.

Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts, Inflows and Outflows of Lake Manchester during relevant period. 

19/09/2014 SEQ034-14 Lake Kurwongbah The latest water quality analysis reports on Kurwongbah, North Pine and Wappa Dams plus risk assessment reports and survey data. Survey data, risk assessment material and statistics.


SEQ036-14 Lake Kurwongbah

1) ANONYMISED registered access complaints for both lake Kurwongbah and Lake Samsonvale.

2) The COMPLETE engineers report regarding work to be carried out on Lake Kurwongbah dam wall, including reasons for initial wall inspection, and engineers report explaining findings of the inspection and the work that is required to be carried out.  The request also includes the engagement document setting out the parameters for the engineers study.

3) The COMPLETE risk analysis which concluded that concurrent shared access for paddlers and skiers on Lake Kurwongbah is too dangerous.  The report should detail all risks, their likelihood and consequence, mitigating factors and residual risk. The report should explain reasoning of the dangers of concurrent shared access, the lower water level and all information explain investigation, findings and conclusions. The report should comment whether the proposal for a dedicated paddling area was

considered and whether the policy regarding shared access on Lake Kurwongbah is consistent with policy on other Seqwater lakes.

4) The COMPLETE peer review report of the Seqwater risk analysis for concurrent shared access.  This might have been provide previously in document "Principle Seven - Lake Kurwongbah Risk Assessment Review letter Release.pdf ".  If this is the case, then please confirm.  The peer review document included the statement "A club member as already advised of a near miss involving a paddleboarder who was illegally on the lake.  This occurred when the lake was near full supply."  Please provide details of this incident.  As I understand things a person wearing a black wetsuit was noted paddling across the lake while LYING down on a surfboard.  There was no near-miss.  The member drove over to the person and advised that they were difficult to see and the person apologised and paddled away from the skiing

area.  As far as I know, no other people have been seen lying down on surfboards on the lake.

5) The water quality report on Lake Samsonvale on which the decision to disallow further paddlecraft access to that lake.  The report should advise whether the existing access to Lake Samsonvale by several hundred paddlers was taken into consideration.  The report should consider whether secondary contact nature of paddling was considered.  The previously supplied data dump of various pathogen levels in various lakes was of limited value.

6)  The COMPLETE analysis on which the community preference for paddlecraft was derived.  If document " Lake Kurwongbah Survey Statistics.docx" is the COMPLETE analysis, then please confirm.

Risk Assessment Review and Table of Assessment
24/04/2015 SEQ037-14 Wyaralong Dam Project

Documents referred to in the Coordinator-General’s Report dated 8 October 2008 in relation to the Wyaralong Dam Project (Report).

Type of documents are:

  • Vegetation Offset Proposal (referred to at page 111 of the Report).
  • Any weed management (page 40).
  • Rehabilitation works (referred to at page 136 and 137) or implementation measures linked to the Offset Management Plan prepared for the Vegetation Offset proposal.
  • Copy of the Flora and Fauna Construction Environmental Management Plan – Sub Plan (referred to at page 144).

Wyaralong Vegetation Offsets Proposal

Construction Environmental Management Plan

Wyaralong Rehabilitation Project Weed Management Plan


SEQ040-16 Fluoridation The approximate number of tonnes of Sodium Fluoride and approximate number of tonnes of Silicofluoride Seqwater used in the 2013-14 financial year and also the 2014-15 financial year. A bottom line document showing which company won the tender to currently supply the fluoride chemicals to Seqwater, which company supplies the tenderer (eg name of the Chinese company), the approximate date the current tender will expire. Additionally, if known, the provenance/original source of each type of fluoride chemical used by Seqwater (eg aluminium smelting industry/phosphate fertiliser industry/solar cell industry or other).

Certificates of analysis


Chemical usage 

7 September 2016 SEQ041-16 Fluoridation

Approximate tonnes of Sodium Fluoride and approximate tonnes of Silicofluoride Seqwater used in the 2015-16 financial year.

Seqwater’s cost per tonne of each fluoride chemical (cost = average delivered price)

Additional fluoride chemical analysis certificates – Hunan Heaven/Shanghai Mintchem/Symbio Alliance or any other company that does testing in Australia.

Timeline when Seqwater commenced fluoridation – only for chemical analysis certificates not already supplied via RTI.

Tonnage and costs of fluoride chemicals for relevant period.

Testing certificates for Symbio Alliance and Hunan Heaven.

29 March 2017 SEQ043-17 Personal water use 

Electronic datasets of Dam level data – Seqwater use per person data with complete series for both datasets. 

Capacity Reservoir Daily Mean Data and Daily Residential Consumption Data
20 July 2018 SEQ-045-18 Flouride

1. Total approximate number of tonnes; average delivered price per tonne and total cost of (A) Sodium Fluoride and (B) Sodium Silicofluoride that SEQWATER added to bulk water supplies in the 2016 – 17 financial year.

2.  SEQWATER’s estimated costs of fluoridating Queensland’s water supplies for the 2016 – 17 financial year and any other financial years that  SEQWATER has estimated  ( SEQWATER’s total cost of fluoridation per year; cost of fluoridating per Mega-Litre of fluoridated water; total Mega- Litres of  bulk water SEQWATER provided** also total Mega-Litres fluoridated water provided;  and also a  breakdown of what was included in estimations to  show how that estimated cost of fluoridation was derived – eg capital costs, interest on loans, chemical costs, chemical analysis costs, water testing costs, labour – wage costs, personal protection equipment, medical testing of workers, electricity, training, repairs, replacements, upgrades, toxic waste disposal costs ) (** this is asked because SEQWATER may sell some bulk water to farmers / industry/ etc that is not fluoridated).

3.  A bottom- line estimated total cost of SEQWATER’s of fluoridating SEQWATER water supplies since fluoridation began late 2008 to end of 2017  ( if SEQWATER has done this estimation).

4.  All correspondence/ reports that SEQWATER sent to and received from Qld Health, other Qld government departments, Qld Premier or Ministers, Water Authorities, Councils, regarding the Holts Hill fluoridation plant/s planned offline period for upgrading, including full reasons why upgrade needed so soon when plant/s only 9 years old (original offline period planned from approximately beginning of November 2017 to end February 2018 ).  Additionally, any further correspondence when the fluoridation offline period was likely to be extended to May 2018 (as per notices on SEQWATER website ).

5.  Copy of Press Releases / any other correspondence/ answers to enquiries that SEQWATER or SEQWATER’S agents had sent out to any media organisations/ press release distributors ( as opposed to just placing notices on website ) regarding Holts Hill plant/s being offline for original estimated offline period and additionally extension of offline period.

6.  A list of the names of media organisations/ press release distributors that SEQWATER or its agents sent out any notices / advice / correspondence to, regarding initial and extended offline periods.

7.  Copies (or an arranged viewing if copyright) of any media articles  that SEQWATER holds that have been published in regard to Holts Hill fluoridation plants being offline for upgrading.

8.  Copies of any chemical analysis testing certificates on fluoride chemicals that SEQWATER has obtained/ now holds since the last RTI release of certificates (last RTI that requested certificates was submitted approx 8 Aug 2016).

9.  BACKGROUND - In the last RTI release of fluoride chemicals analysis sheets in Sept 2016 it could be seen that there were large inconsistencies in the measured amounts of heavy metal contaminants when comparing the Hunan Heaven manufacturer’s analysis certificates to the Symbio Alliance analysis certificates. A member of the public sent correspondence to Qld Health about the inconsistencies and was advised that an investigation would be done. REQUEST - Now wish to request a copy of any investigation/ reports /memos and any correspondence internal and external in regard to the inconsistencies of amounts of heavy metals in fluoride chemical analysis sheets.

10.   Any memos/ reports and internal or external correspondence that SEQWATER holds regarding future possible upgrades, reasons and projected costs of the other 20 + SEQWATER fluoridation plants.
11.  Any reports/memos/ correspondence of any documented overdosing in any SEQWATER plant (fluoride concentration greater than 1.0 mg per litre) since Jan 2016 until present date.

12.  A bottom line document to establish if  SEQWATER holds public liability insurance for issues other than flooding (eg for any health issues caused by water supplied by SEQWATER ) and the name of any company insuring SEQWATER for health issues.

Certificates of compliance, Holts Hill reports, testing certificates, chemical analysis sheets, costings, emails and media releases etc
13 June 2018 SEQ044-18

Lake Moogerah

A.  Copy of Site Occupation Licence for Site 83 LakeMoogerahCaravanPark.

B.  Copy of Site Occupation Licences for Lake Moogerah Caravan Park including current site occupation licence and previous site occupation licences and any agreement, licence, lease, tenure documents relating to arrangements between current or previous departments/agencies/councils relating to Lake Moogerah Caravan Park.

C.  Copy of Surf Life Saving Queensland Safety Audit of SEQ dams as commissioned by Seqwater.

D.  Copy of documentation from Seqwater to Scenic Rim Regional Council (SRRC) providing consent for the termination of site occupation licence/agreement.

E.  Full details of the recreational improvements that Seqwater/SRRC will proceed with following the removal of my property.

F.  Details of location of swimming area that is to be established in front of site 83.

G.  Copy of previous notification from council and Seqwater which enabled 'use of our site over summer' as advised.

H.  Proof of date of 'Notice to site OccupiersLakeMoogerahCaravanPark

Draft Licence agreements, emails, risks assessments, correspondence and notice to occupiers.
16 August 2018 SEQ046-18 Little Nerang Dam

A copy of the Act regarding Seqwater’s obligations to provide public access.

Copies of any relevant Seqwater policy documents regarding public access.

The cost estimates associated with the repairs for operational access.

A copy of the Seqwater documents regarding the closure of Little Nerang Dam for public use.

A copy of the safety review of the Little Nerang Dam site, which was mentioned in the email correspondence.

Details of comparable sites with similar safety issues where you do provide access.

Any internal correspondence concerning the decision to close public access to Little Nerang Dam, or to decline the request to reopen it.

Date range: 2012 to present.

Policy documents, internal emails, maps, aquatic public safety risk assessment report, recreational activities, business case Little Nerang Dam site restoration and cleanup, Little Nerang Dam communications plan.
11 January 2019 SEQ047-18 Leslie Harrison Dam

The documents sought are in relation to the ban on the recreational use of Tingalpa Reservoir / Leslie Harrison dam .There are 2 main documents sought.

1. In 2014 SEQ water engaged water quality experts to conduct a water quality study and develop a screening tool to improve understanding of the impact recreation has on water quality in drinking water lakes . The landmark study was one of the most complex and comprehensive of its kind undertaken in Australia.

2. In 2016 a water quality assessment was conducted at Leslie Harrison dam using the screening tool. The assessment found, given the dam's role as a drinking water source for Redlands, recreation cannot be considered because of unacceptable risks to water quality.

Date range:  February 2013 to present.

Project briefing note _ Leslie Harrison  Recreational Water Quality Screening Assessment, Recreational facilities available for all Seqwater dams, Leslie Harrison recreation screening tool.
26 June 2019 SEQ048-19 Lake Moogerah Dam Current Flood Margin Land License Agreements for certain areas around Lake Moogerah. Flood Margin Land License Agreements.



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