Previous editions of corporate plans and report, flood manuals and emergency plans, and management plans, listed in alphabetical order.

Bribie Island Borefield - Annual Compliance Report



Drinking Water Quality Management Plan (DWQMP) annual reports

DWQMP Regular Audit Report - May 2016

2016-17 DWQMP Annual Report

2015-16 DWQMP Annual Report

2014-15 DWQMP Annual Report

2013-14 DWQMP Annual Report
2012-13 DWQMP Annual Report
2011-12 Wivenhoe DWQMP MP Annual Report

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Flood reports

January 2013

February–March 2013

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Operational plans

Operational plan 2017-18 [2MB]

Operational plan 2016-17 [2MB]

Operational plan 2015-16

Annual Operations Plan May 2014
Demonstrated how Seqwater intended to meet our customer's forecast water demands for the next 12 months, with regard to an appropriate balance between security and cost efficiency outcomes.

2013 Water Supply Asset Plan and Appendices
Seqwater has produced this document to meets its obligations under Schedule 5 (2) of the South East Queensland System Operating Plan Revision 5 (SOP).


Linkwater Annual Report 2012-13 

Linkwater Annual Report 2011-12 

Linkwater Projects 2011-12 

Linkwater Annual Report 2010-11 

Linkwater Projects 2010-11

Northern Pipeline Interconnector Stage 2

Annual Compliance Report 2017-18


Seqwater Annual Report 2016-17

Seqwater Annual Report 2015-16

Seqwater Annual Report 2014-15

Seqwater Annual Report 2013-14 (full report) 7MB

Seqwater Annual Report 2012-13 

Seqwater Annual Report 2011-12 

Seqwater Annual Report 2010-11 

Seqwater Strategic Plan Outline 2013-2018

SEQ Water Grid Manager

SEQ Water Grid Manager 2012-13 

SEQ Water Grid Manager 2011-12 

SEQ Water Grid Manager 2010-11 

Statement of obligations

Statement of obligations (5 March 2013 to 30 June 2015)

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Recycled Water Management Plan Annual Report

2013-14 RWMP Annual Report

2012-13 RWMP Annual Report

2011-12 RWMP Annual Report

Water Outlook

Water Outlook 2015

Water Outlook 2014 

Water Outlook 2013

Water Security Program

Released on 6 July 2015:

Wyaralong Dam Estuarine Ecological Management Plan Annual Report

Wyaralong Dam EEMP Annual Report 2017

Wyaralong Dam EEMP Annual Report 2016

Wyaralong Dam EEMP Annual Report 2015

Wyaralong Dam EEMP Annual Report 2014

Wyaralong Dam EEMP Annual Report 2013

Wyaralong Dam EEMP Annual Report 2012

Wyaralong Dam EEMP Annual Report 2011

Operations plans and reports