Pimpama youngster Jakob Howell is set to become the face of Seqwater’s Easter safety campaign after winning the grand prize in the popular Search for a Safey Star competition.

The contest, which was run by Seqwater, invited people to take photos of themselves ‘playing it safe’ while enjoying an outdoor activity.

During the eight-week competition hundreds of photos, or safe selfies, were uploaded to the safey.com.au website for the public to vote on.

Jakob’s entry, taken of him dressed in safety gear during a visit to a local creek, earned him a massive 2826 votes to claim the contest’s Ultimate Safey Star grand prize.

In addition to winning a $5000 BCF gift voucher, Jakob will become the face of Seqwater’s Easter safety campaign, appearing on billboards around South East Queensland, on radio and an episode of the Great South East on Channel 7.

Safey Star grand prize winner Jakob Howell, 5, takes part in promotional shoot for Seqwater's upcoming Easter Safety Campaign.

Jakob’s mother, Lisa said when her family heard about the Search for a Safey Star competition, they joked that Jakob, 5, would be the perfect candidate.

“Even at a young age, Jakob has always been very cautious and safety-minded in everything he does,” Ms Howell said. “Small children often scare their parents with their lack of regard for their safety, but Jakob is not one of those kids.

“He doesn’t like to do things that might hurt him without thinking of the consequences first - it’s is why we thought he’s make a great representative for a campaign about safety.”

As a way of accumulating votes, Ms Howell said her family and friends reached out to everyone they knew to vote for Jakob’s entry.

“I was blown away by the amount of support we had,” Ms Howell said. “Even with all the help, we never expected to win.

“On the day we got the phone call from Seqwater to inform us that Jakob had won, my father – Jakob’s grandfather – passed away so it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

“Jakob is so pleased to have won; he’s loving the attention and is sharing the news with all his fellow prep students at Pimpama State Primary College.”

Jakob strikes a pose for the camera.

Ms Howell said Jakob was keen to spend some of the $5000 BCF gift card on purchasing fishing gear – an activity he and his grandfather used to do together. 

Seqwater acting Chief Executive Officer Jim Pruss congratulated Jakob and thanked everyone who took the time to take part in the competition.

“The aim of the contest was to showcase how to play it safe while enjoying our dams, lakes and parks,” Mr Pruss said.

“Seqwater manages popular lake recreational areas that were visited by almost 2.6 million people last year.”

“Even though our rangers regularly patrol our recreation sites they can’t be everywhere so we rely on visitors to play it safe by being prepared and being mindful of others while enjoying the great outdoors.

“We hope that by having people share their safe behaviours when taking part in outdoor activities, it encourages others to do the same.”

To view all this year’s entries and winners, visit safey.com.au.