In 2012-13, we commissioned an independent review of our 26 referable dams, which found improvements are needed at a number of our dams to meet the Queensland dam safety guidelines into the future.

We have prioritised a program of dam upgrades in a staged approach to give us time to scope, design and plan, while maintaining public safety, security of water supply and delivering best value for money.

Lake Macdonald is one of a number of dams identified for upgrade in the next six years.

Lake Macdonald upgrade

Lake Macdonald (Six Mile Creek Dam) was originally constructed in 1965. The planned upgrade will be the first major upgrade of the dam since the dam wall was raised in 1980.

An options analysis and concept design were conducted in 2014 and a preliminary design was approved in 2016.

It’s important to note the upgrade is still subject to approvals and the following timeline may change.

Activity Timeframe Status
Options analysis and concept design 2014 Complete
Preliminary design and approvals 2015-16 Complete
Detailed design and approvals 2016-17 Underway
Project planning 2017-18 Pending
Construction Subject to approvals Pending

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